Qatar Consultative Assembly (Shura Council), approved the draft law on the protection of industrial designs.


Qatar Consultative Assembly (Shura Council), the legislative body of the Monarchy of Qatar, yesterday approved the draft law on the protection of industrial designs referred to the Council by the Cabinet of Ministers last year. The legislators discussed the draft law with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry over two sessions, and finally approved it in the third session held for that purpose.

As reported in our June 2019 news, under the draft law, a special register for the registration of industrial designs, their owners’ data, notifications of waiver, transfer of licenses, data of beneficiaries of licenses, renewal and cancellation of registrations, judgements related to them and all other matters relating to industrial designs shall be established.

The special register shall be at the Industrial Property Protection Office at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in accordance with the rules and procedures specified by the regulations.

The office shall issue a periodical called “Industrial Property Journal” in which the data that should be publicized are published in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

The owner of a registered industrial design or of a design patent has the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design, unless he has marketed such products in any country or allowed others to do so.

So far, Industrial Designs was protected in four articles under Law no. 9 of 2002 pertaining to Trademarks, Commercial Indications, Trade Names, Geographical Indications, and Industrial Designs and Models. The issuance of the new law specifically for the protection of industrial designs, shall possibly mean that the old law No. 9 of 2002, shall witness major changes to reflect this development.

Once the Emir of Qatar endorse the said law, it will be published in Qatar Official Gazette and all competent authorities, each within its jurisdiction, shall enforce the law soon afterwards.